Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Week 51: Pokemon Go?

Drink Pictures are the new rage.
Does everyone and their cat and dog at home play the new Pokémon Go game? Ha ha, it sounds like the weirdest game. Someone said people have been walking in the middle of the road and doing dumb stuff like that. I can't complain too much! Everyone is outside more and so we are able to contact and talk to a lot more people!!! Every missionaries dream! 

Elle and Sister Leininger on their bunk beds.
This last week we have had so many blessings, sometimes I wonder if I deserve them all. Ariana and Diana are doing so well and they are some of my favorite people to! We had a lesson with them earlier in the week and Sister Merket came with us. We did the brownie Restoration! One of my favorite lessons! They both loved it, we previously had taught Diana the Restoration and the Book of Mormon but Ariana was a little behind. What was so cool is that Diana was helping us explain things to Ariana!! YES! Then we were going to have a lesson later in the week and they called to cancel! They had a pipe in their bathroom break and so they were clearing out the bottom room so a guy could come and fix it. We ran over and helped them move things and then we talked about the Book of Mormon after.

Sunset in Lynnwood
I have grown to have such a strong testimony on the Book of Mormon! If you are ever having a hard time you need to ask yourself if you are reading from it daily. Diana said that something was troubling her and so she grabbed the Book of Mormon and she flipped it open to a random page and just started to read. One of the versus she read gave her the answer she needed. I don't know how it answered her problem or question but it did. She loves the book and that Heavenly Father really does answer us! We were so happy she had that experience because now her testimony on it is growing even bigger. We talked to them about baptism. They are going to pray about it and when they get back from vacation we will go from there! 

Elders Klein and Coppieters. Sister Leininger and Elle
 Saturday we went chalking again and it was awesome! It was a lot more successful. We did it as a district and because there was a lot more of us some of us could draw and the others could talk to people! We met some cool YSA aged people and some families. I even got to play some basketball with some kids! 

Relief Society was really good yesterday, the lesson was on the talk titled, "Do I believe?" by Bonnie L. Oscarson (Click Here to Read This Talk). I loved that talk so much! Sometimes I think I forget the difference between knowing something and believing it. I also think that sometimes we are scared to ask questions, or sometimes questions are frowned upon. But how else do we learn unless we question things. I think the most important part is what happens after we question something. We have to take what we learn and decide we want to have a better understanding. It’s when we don't care to learn or act on the things we learn that we get into trouble.

I am so thankful for my testimony and for the church. I love you all so much and hope that you have the most amazing week ever!

Elle says, "Elder Howlette made me some GF bread! This is
what happens when you spend time in the MTC with someone!"

Sleepy Elle

Afternoon temp. in Lynnwood, Washington on Monday

New apartment

Lets have a plan and do it

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