Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Week 49: So it's July and I'm Still Wearing Sweaters!

This last week was so awesome! At the time of everything that was happening I was so worried and I thought that nothing was going to go right. I look back now and realize that Heavenly Father had his hand in everything and that he made sure that everything went how it was supposed to. 

Monday with the 4th of July was awesome! We went bowling and out to eat and then later that night we went and had a BBQ with Diana and Ariana our investigators! It was awesome and a lot of fun. We were able to meet her husband and her oldest daughter. We spent the evening with them and about half way through they had some friends come and join us. By the end of the night and the time that we had to leave we were the only members there!!! It was so awesome, we shared a scripture with them before we left and said a prayer and they were all very nice about it and told us that we need to do this again! I count that for a win!

We were able to go and share the Book of Mormon with Diana the next day and she loved it. I think one of the biggest sellers is that it is about the Native American heritage...and well she is Native American. So it was really cool for her to be able to read about her people and she was telling us about how there are some Native American stories that pretty much talk about the Book of Mormon in a roundabout way...I thought that was really cool! 

We went and did a couple blitzes with some of the Sisters that we get to serve this last week and it was a lot of fun. They normally consist of us going door to door, but it is so much fun to be able to talk with them about all the cool things that happened and they are so much more excited to be able to go and visit those people. On the flip side of that we also had to go and help some companionship's with having a comp. inventory.... As effective as they are they are so awkward at the very beginning. They sit there and they don't want to voice their opinion in fear of hurting their companion’s feelings. I think the problem is that they wait until the very last straw and then the just blow and they still don't talk openly with their companion. Thinking that they can just wait it out. That is not true; the spirit is not with you when there is contention in a relationship. I think that this goes with friends, companions, husbands, wife’s...all of it. If you have a problem with someone PLEASE just talk it out and don't be dumb and let it just sit there. 

MLC was on Thursday and it was awesome! President and Sister Wilding are so amazing and they love us and have our and this mission’s best interest in mind. It has been so cool how the spirit every time I am with them testifies of that to me. I cannot deny the things that I know to be true. We learned about teaching repentance and we were really excited to be able to apply the things that we were learning. Sister Leininger and I were going to be able to apply it the very next day with Caesar. We taught it and it resulted in us dropping him....yep, Right now is just not his time but I am excited for him to be able to make convents with Heavenly Father one day! 

Saturday Ariana and Diana went to a baptism with us and it was amazing. We had an appointment set up with them for Thursday and it kept getting bumped back and finally she just canceled. We were so sad we were going to take Sister Merket was going to come with us. So we were working on our area book and we get a text from Diana that said, "We got back sooner than we thought. Would you still like to go to the baptism with us?" Well YES of course. We ran over to her house went to the baptism and they loved it. Then they came to church yesterday and they kept telling us how it was so much better than the Catholic and Presbyterian Church's that they have been to. They are so excited to come back and be a part of the ward and go to Activity Days and all of the other cool things that they church does!

I love the Church so much and am so grateful for all of the blessings that I have been able to recognize. I am grateful for Joseph Smith and the fact that he asked a question. I love that because he asked a question we are able to have the true church on the earth today. It also shows that it is okay for us to ask questions and always be learning something new. I have also been reading all of the General Conference talks from this last conference and one that I have liked a lot is 'Be thou Humble' everyone should read it!

Keep reading your scriptures and saying your prayers! I love you all so much, have a great week!

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