Thursday, August 4, 2016

Week 52: Chew Gum and Go Swimming...Bucket List for when I get Home

This last week has been a really good one. We have had a lot of challenges and there are so many things that are out of our control until people will listen with an open heart. Others wise we are a broken record and that is only helpful for a second then we are just annoying. 

This last week at the Food Bank we had to say goodbye to one of the Russian Sisters! She goes home today and I am super sad! She is such an amazing person and Sister and she has helped so many people. She has even been teaching me a little bit of Russian which has been very helpful. 

Elle and Sister Leininger with a snake by their car

Earlier this week we were walking to Brother Hatchells house to go meet his family that have been in town for the last week. As we got to the door we arrived at the same time as this man who was selling pest control. He laughed and he said, "Okay, If you want to knock this side of the street today I will knock it tomorrow. That way we don't double knock the same doors." We both looked at him and then looked at each other and laughed. That threw him off, we started to talk to him and come to find out his boss is a member of the church and he talks to his employees about the church quite often. So when we would start to talk about things he would think for a second and say, "Oh ya, I have heard about that." It was a lot of cool and we walked and talked to him for a second. We tried to exchange numbers but it wasn't happening. He told us his boss has been trying to get him to be a Mormon for a couple of years now and that he hasn't succeeded. Implying that we weren't going to have any success.......CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!! 

The next couple of days were pretty normal. Well rewind the last couple of weeks we have been getting a lot of questions about the Family the Proclamation and where the church stands on Gay rights. Why Blacks haven't always been able to have the Priesthood, Polygamy and that there can't be any book added to the Bible. I mean there is a lot more, but it has been so crazy to get so many of these bashing questions all around the same time. None of it is a problem because there are answers we can give them to all of these questions. Thank goodness for modern day Prophets! 

We got a call from our Zone Leaders. They told us they had been street contacting and that they ran into this really nice mom. They talked to her for a bit and were able to set up a return appointment for the next day at 6 pm. Score! We went over and we took the amazing Sister Cash with us. It was her first time ever going out with the missionaries and so she was a little nervous, but she did amazing! We knocked on Diana's (Yes another Diana!) door and she answered and looked a little surprised. We talked for a second and she told us that she didn't want to be rude and so she told the "boys" that it was okay. After talking for a second she invited us in and we were able to teach her the Restoration. She has been trying to find a church and so it was cool that we kind of were able to show up! She said the closing prayer and her husband joined us for the end! It was really cool. Also Sister Cash bore her testimony and it was PERFECT! Let the Holy Spirit guide! 

As we were driving home from that appointment we ran into the Pest Control guy! We pulled over and started to talk to him and we were talking more about the church. I didn't want to her about bugs, and so we were able to give him a Restoration Pamphlet and he said that he would read and pray. As we were leaving he told us that we have gotten further than anyone else. I knew we would, for goodness sake we have been called by a Prophet of God and also we have the gift of the Spirit, if you are going to listen the Spirit is going to win. 

Looks like the Sister Missionaries found Elle

We then had a MIRACLE on Sunday. We were in Gospel Principles and were talking about fasting and fast Sunday. In the middle of the Lesson Bishop came and pulled us out of class. I was kind of excited because we never ever get pulled out of class. He told us that there was an Indian Family that just walked in and was looking for us. Okay, rewind three weeks ago. We had been knocking doors and not having a lot of success. The last door we knocked opened and it was this man from India, we talked to him for a second and he told us that he was Christian. We gave him the Restoration Pamphlet and invited him to church. We told him to call or text us if he would be coming so that we could save him a seat. This man came to church!!!Three weeks later and he brought his family, his wife and three boys. Our Sacrament meeting is at 9 am and they came about 11 am so we went to the Mays Pond Sacrament meeting with them. It was funny to see the Assistants faces. The parents want their boys to learn more about Jesus Christ. We got to sit with them and tell them about things and it was the coolest thing. Near the end one of the boys kept saying that he wanted to go. The parents were embarrassed and so they left. We are going to be able to stop by and talk to them later today!! We are really excited! 

It has been an amazing week here in Lynnwood, Washington! I love you all and hope that you have an amazing week! 

Happy Birthday Katie!!!

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