Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 47: Bye President and Sister Bonham

Elle and Sister Leininger on their way
to Come Findout for Yourself.

I can't even begin to express the feelings I have for President and Sister Bonham. Since the day I got off of the plane, they have showed me so much love and support! I remember getting off of the plane and I mean I was nervous and I didn't know what to think or expect. I mean there weren't any Mountains around so what was I supposed to do. But when we made our way over to our luggage they were introducing themselves to all of us and they knew me by name. I knew in that moment that everything was going to be okay and that Heavenly Father really did put me where I needed to be. 

Last night was their final Come See for Yourself, kind of like a Cottage meeting if you know what that is. It was awesome I did so good not to cry until the very end. When I say the very end I mean I was going to say good bye. I am going to see them on Wednesday but Sister Bonham gave me a hug and I just started to cry, darn it! Then I got better and President Bonham turned to me and I could feel his love and it was like I never stopped, oh well. I then remembered Shelby was there and so I didn’t know what to do.  I have gone my entire mission with no one seeing me cry (besides my companion) until last night.  What do I have to hide anymore, HAHA? Sister Schild out investigator that we went with had a really good time,

This last week has been a lot of fun! Getting the Bonham’s going away gift together and grateful for some of our members for helping with that.

I am so grateful that I am going to be able to get to know the Wildings and to be able to love them as much as I have loved the Bohams!

Elle and Sister Moody on exchanges
We had the chance to be able to go on exchanges this last week and I got to be with Sister Moody again! I got to train her at the very beginning of my mission and it was a lot of fun to be able to be with her again. Heavenly Father sends us people when we are least expecting it. I think that He knows me a lot better than I think He does sometime.

I am not done but I have to go.

YSA Blitz.


I love being a Missionary! 

Elle and a sister in her Zone who forgot her name tag. Elle
let her borrow one of hers.

Elle's Zone

Decorating for Bentley Mergen's Birthday.
Elle and Bentley share the same birthday.

Bentley's Birthday

More decorations

Flowers from the Provstgaard's

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Week 46: The Temple- The House of the Lord!

Elle had the Opportunity to attend the
 Seattle Temple on Tuesday, June21st. 
Well sorry I didn't tell anyone that my P-Day was changing. The reason that it changed is because I was able to go to the Temple today. It was amazing and I can't believe it has been so long since I was able to go. There is just something about being able to go to the house of the Lord and be so close to our Heavenly Father. Receiving answers to things that have been on your mind or bothering you. You never leaving wanting to jump for joy or shouting Ho​o​rah, you leave feeling rejuvenated and with the feeling that you can take on the entire world. I think that there is no greater feeling to describe all of that then peace, gratitude, humility, and so many.
Elle, Sister Mergens (Ward Mission Leaders Wife), and Sister Leininger
This last week we had Zone Conference, it was set up a little different then normal and I think it is because the Bonhams leave in nine days. It was really good we talked about a lot of different things that probably needed to be brought up. Then Sister Leininger and I instructed on " do we still say productive and effective when we don't have people to teach.." It was really good, all of us missionaries had a good discussion about it​. We read from 1 Nephi ​1​6 about when Nephi breaks his bow​, how there ​will​ be times when our bow breaks and there isn't anything else that we have at the moment​, b​ut what are we going to do to fix the problem. Are we going to sit in our apartment and have a pity​-​me​-​party or are we going to go out build a new bow​,​ get us a sling with some rocks​,​ and get the work done. Also​,​ how Lehi gets a little frustrated, and how sometimes our leaders get lazy or frustrated or whatever​,​ but do not let that effect your missionary work​; ​ but​ that we respect our leaders as Nephi did and account to our leaders and help them see the big picture....sounds all over the place but I promise that it really did make sense.
Elle and Sister Leininger enjoying freshly picked raspberries.
Wednesday we were on exchanges with the Spanish Sisters and I got to be with Hermana Richey! She is such an amazing missionary, I also can't believe that she has been out for three transfers now! Oh how time just disappears and well doesn't come back. It was good though we had a day full of service and we were able to help so many different people.
Thursday we went on a Blitz with Harbour Point. It was so eventful, we were able to find them two solid families to teach and then a potential familie​s ​who ha​ve​ been looking for friends and a church to go to...LUCKY for them we have both of those things in one place. They were super cute though. They are Catholic but not really practicing and so it wasn't to bad trying to talk to them and share the things that be believe and that we know to be true. Side note: I love the fact that I know the Church is true and that we truly do have a modern day Prophet here on the earth. The the same Church Christ set up while he was here....guess what we have it right now and are able to partake of all of the blessings that our Heavenly Father wants to give us. He loves us and Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are three separate beings! Isn't it just amazing the knowledge we have! Life after death, we came from Heaven...just breath taking! It ended up being the best day to Blitz. We also met this lady who pretty much believes in aliens. She said we have been genetically modified......not worth explaining but it was interesting.

Elle and Sister Packered
Saturday is when we were on Exchanges again and I was in Maltby with Sister Packered. I contacted my first Spanish contact and it went so much better then I thought! I was able to get my point across the best that I could and semi be able to understand them. I forgot the name of our church in the middle but they had heard of the Mormons so that was a quick fix. Can't wait for them to meet with the missionaries! The gift of tongues is real...even if I only got to experience it for a short second. Then we went to a members for dinner and there was Tyler M​ousser's picture on their calendar- weird, different, fun. He was with all of their grand kids, but it made me laugh!

Tyler Mousser from our Hobble Creek 14th ward.
he is in a different mission in Washington.
I am so thankful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and for Eternal Families and for the Atonement and that Repentance is real. That through Christ I WILL be able to live with my Heavenly Father again and that "Nothing is going to startle us more when we pass through the veil to the other side than to realize how well we know our Father and how familiar his face is to us." (pg.8 Jesus Christ - Gifts and Expectations, Ezra Taft Benson) 

I LOVE you all and hope that you have a great week! Thank you for all the support and little surprises.

(Update) Liana and I received a text yesterday from our good friend Becky Provstgaard. I worked with her at Spanish Fork junior High in the counseling center. She and her husband Todd lived in Everett Washington a number of years ago, They were up visiting and were able to run into Elle and visit with her for a few minutes. We received pictures, a short video, and an update. She had just returned from the Seattle Temple and was getting ready to email us. It was good to get an eye to eye update from someone we know and love. The flowers in the picture are from the Provstgaard's.

Todd, Elle, Becky, and Blake Provstgaard. 

Sister Leininger, Elle, and Becky

Sister Leininger and Elle

Seattle Temple

Elle and Sister Leininger

Elle at the Temple

Seattle Temple

Elle and her mission car.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Week 45: Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day!

Just another wonderful week in Washington! It was super hot at the beginning of the week and well we are back to the cooler weather! I LOVE IT!  First off Happy Fathers Day to my father Todd Jackson and to all of those Men, Dads and Fathers that have been apart of my life! I have been so lucky to be blessed with such good examples in my life, people to look to and knowing what the true love of Christ is.

I just have to brag about my dad for a moment! He is the most kind, loving, diligent, striving to always be better, go get them person that I know. I look up to you so much and am so grateful to Heavenly Father all of the time that he blessed me to have you for my dad. From General Conference this last April Elder D. Todd Christofferson gave a talk on Fathers entitled Fathers (Click Here to Read). In it he says, "Perhaps the most essential of a father’s work is to turn the hearts of his children to their Heavenly Father. If by his example as well as his words a father can demonstrate what fidelity to God looks like in day-to-day living, that father will have given his children the key to peace in this life and eternal life in the world to come." I consider myself lucky everyday for my dad! Love you daddy! 

This week has been so awesome! Heavenly Father has blessed us with so much success and I can't even complain. I first off have to say I don't think I have ever been hit on more then the little times since I have been here in Lynnwood... People are so weird!! But in the end we get to share the Gospel with them and they are interested, every time this has happened it has been a referral for the Elders. Heavenly Father is so funny!

Sister Leininger and Elle say, "We love missionary work"
Transfers were on Tuesday and Sister Pickup got transferred. She is now in Camano Island and I am sure having the best time ever! I was super grateful to be able to stay here in Lynnwood a little longer! I love this Ward so much, they are fun and are getting so excited about missionary work! So Sister Leininger and I are lucky and get one more transfer together! 

Wednesday we finally got to go and talk with Ariana and Diana! They are now taking the lessons and we are so excited! We tracked in to them a couple of months ago and have been trying to meet with them a couple of times! We went over for the last time we were going to try. They opened the door and we talked they forgot that we were coming and we were so sad. They said that they were to busy and that we could come back next week. So we asked if we could share a scripture, well that was the right question! They invited us right in and we taught them and they want to learn more! We are even going over for dinner tomorrow night!! I am so excited! They are such a happy family and I know the Gospel only adds to that happiness! 

We were able to go and visit the Schilds who are a Part Member Family and we have been reading the Book of Mormon with them! We have been making so much progress. It is so crazy to see how just reading the Book of Mormon helps you be happier and gets you through the day. I mean you can get through the day not reading it but it is more enjoyable when you do read it. Everyone should ask Bradyn, Katelyn and Meatball! They would know! 

Sister Leininger, Sister and President Bonham, and Elle
We had MLC on Thursday...I love MLC so much! I think that it is supper fun and I enjoy being able to see the Bonhams and all my fellow missionaries. We got a lot done and hopefully ready for President Wilding. I mean the next MLC we have is going to be with him!!! Sister Leininger and I got to also sing Lead Kindly Light. We did a duet and it was so pretty! Then Friday we had the privilege of being able to hear from President Moon,  Sister Bonhams brother. He talked about making a Mission for your Mission, This is something I had never thought about before. I mean I have been setting goals and that kind of stuff. So I am so excited to figure out what finger print I want to leave?

Sunday we sang Beautiful Savior in Sacrament meeting. Our WML brought a family to church that he met at Walmart! Some great things are happening here in Washington! 

I love you all and hope that you have an amazing week!

A family from China they met at service.

Breakfast they made for Herman Hubnerthe the
day before she went home.

After their morning run.

Best meal so far on my mission.

Best Meal.

Lunch of Champions.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Week 44: Where is the Time Going?

Elle's District

Wow! Where is the time going! I feel like it was just Monday and I was just a typing away! Washington is so amazing! The weather has been very nice, it has been in the high 80's and I have just been sweating like there is no tomorrow. I guess that is a good think since it rained so much over the winter! We have been able to spend a lot of time out side just being in the sun! I had to go and buy some sunscreen, I will not get sunburn while I am on my mission! I feel as though that would be the worst thing in the entire world. Well I kind of did already but it didn't hurt at all. I just turned red and then pink. What is new! My YW Medallion was imprinted on my chest. That is dedication my friends, but it looks like I will be putting it away so that it doesn't happen again. It looks silly. 

This week we have done a lot of finding! On Tuesday we were able to find a new investigator and he is super cool! His name is Greg, he is Hispanic so we are going to be passing him off to the Spanish Sisters. This is okay though because he is super cool and he wants to learn and even go to the SLC Temple! When he told us that the very first day we met him we could have fallen over dead. So we met with him a couple of times this week and it has been so much fun. He decided to take it upon himself that he is going to teach me Spanish and in return I am going to help him with his English. So far he is doing better then me, I am working on not being competitive with it. It is so funny he is the 5th solid person we have found and taught the first lesson to and then had to pass off to other missionaries, same team right?! We are all one in purpose, I am really happy for all of those people because they are all going to be able to be taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

I think Saturday was the craziest of all of the days. We had to be to a service Project for the Ward at 9 am. We were helping clean up the Mill Creek Elementary and weeding the commons. It was a lot of fun, l  like you have heard me say multiple times I have found that I enjoy doing yard work. But what was cool is that we had a good turn out from the ward and then all of the non-members that showed up they sent to our station! We were able to talk to one family in-particular and they are a cute family from China and are wanting to learn more about the gospel and to come to church!! We were so happy when we heard this. We got their name, number, and address and are going to be sending the Elders over ASAP. I was just happy but it seems that every Asian person I meet is Buddhist, not the easiest people to talk about religion with. So I was relieved.

We were there for an hour and then ran over to the Coles to help them move. I have been super sad about this all week. I am happy they get to move on to bigger and better things in life and that Brother Coles will be getting the Priesthood, I just wish that they could be here with me still. But I love them and am excited for the adventure that they are going to be able to have. So we helped them for a couple of hours and then we said our good byes. But they said if we ever need anything they will drive all the way up from Puyallup, Washington to help us out! Which can't happen but it is the nice thought that counts.

Later that day we decided we were going to go Chalking. So we went to Martha Lake and drew with chalk while people were swimming and having BBQ's and just enjoying the hot weather. About five minutes into it a Park Ranger came and asked me if we were planning on cleaning it up? I looked at her and told her we weren't planning on it but if that is what we could do to help her out we would love to. I was able to have a good conversation with her. She is from Idaho and loves Mormons and said we could do it so that "we could talk and contact people" her words as long as we clean it up. So we chalked for a good 35 minutes. We wrote and scriptures; we drew the Plan of Salvation, wrote scriptures and I am a Child of God then a couple of things in Spanish. It was awesome, we got to talk to a lot of people. Since we had to clean it up we had to leave to go and get stuff and so we left it there for three hours and then went back with buckets and scrub brushes to clean it up. We had almost more people talk to us about cleaning it up then we did when we were drawing it! It was awesome! 

I am excited to say that I am going to be able to spend another transfer here in Lynnwood! I am so excited! It is an amazing area and I have a good companion! 
I love you all and hope that you have an amazing week! 

Oh also, we got to go to a cool fireside and Brother Ashcroft spoke, he is amazing! We talked to him after about Luke 15 and how it is the Lost Chapter....the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the "lost" son. I learned some really cool things. I want to learn more before I tell you all about them! So read it! What is important to know is who is talking and who is he talking to! Then you are going to receive some cool revelation! Don't forget to read your scriptures, say your prayers, and go to church! Love you all! 

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Week 43: Happy Memorial Day!

At the church playing basketball.

I hope that everyone had an AMAZING day yesterday! We sure did! My day was full of not having to rush and being able to take my time doing the things that I needed to do, well that is until 6pm. 

On Monday we got to go to the Church and play basketball! It was so much fun! It was nice to be able to go and shoot the basketball and enjoy myself. Needless to say we beat all of the Elders, believe it or not the choice is yours- it is true we did. Then that same day we went and had a BBQ with our WML and the Coles! It was so much fun. Sister Mergens made my moms favorite Spinach salad and it was the best! Then they also made moms Swig sugar cookies, I didn't have any but everyone loved them. Put a smile on my face.

With the Coles.
Then on Tuesday we went on Exchanges with Hermana Clark and Richey! I love going to the Spanish areas, it makes me wish that I knew Spanish. I have now set a goal to learn Spanish at some point in my life. I wonder how long it is going to take me?  We got to go and teach the cutest kids and they listened the whole time and just kept saying that they were so excited to get baptized. I loved it! I couldn't help but smile the whole time! 

Wednesday was pretty normal, a good normal. We were able to go to our meetings and then go and give service at the food bank. I love it there so much! I love the people I get to meet and the fun, interesting conversations I get to have! It puts a smile on my face.
Thursday we went and did a splits/blitz with the Harbor Point B Sisters, Sisters Packer and Deaver. I got to go with Sister Deaver and we went and saw Roberta. I don't know if you remember Roberta but she is the one that pulled my hair and said that she wanted it all to herself. It was a lot of fun! We got to go and do the Brownie Restorations and review all of the lessons before her Baptism on June 4th!

Friday we got invited to go to a District Leader Conference in Arlington, where one of President Bonhams old companions came and spoke with his wife. This is actually the second time I have had the chance to hear from Brother and Sister Oldham. The last time was near the beginning of my mission at a Trainers Training. It was a lot of fun and he remembered me! It made me feel really special! Then there was this big miss communication between some Stake Presidents, President Bonham, and some missionaries. We were told to teach Dana and her family and so we did as we were told. We went to teach the second lesson and apparently we confused everyone because the Elders were there. At the very end of our lesson they told us we weren't teaching them but that the Elders were. Which is fine, I don't care if we teach them or not just as long as they are being taught by someone. Well later that night we felt bad and had a big over due break down. In the middle of our breakdown our Zone Leaders and Everett Zone Leaders called, I was so embarrassed.

Then Saturday we went and helped our neighbor move, as well as our Zone Leaders and Everett Zone Leaders hence why they called the previous night. It was the grossest house I have ever been to! I have never been so grateful for a mom that taught me how to clean and how to do it right, and that would make us do it over and over until we got it right. I am so grateful for it. After we were done cleaning all of the dog hair out of the stove and the bathroom and the dead cat in the bed room I just wanted to get out of my own skin! Thank You so much mom! I am forever thankful!

Sunday was a good day we got to teach Young Women's and that was a lot of fun! 

I love you all so much and hope that you have an amazing Summer!