Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Week 9: General Conference!

Teaching appointment right after service, Levi's under the skirt.

I am so grateful we were able to listen to General Conference! It was so amazing and I was able to have so many questions answered. How cool is it that we are able to listen to a living prophet and apostles today! I love that you can go with questions, they can be religious, financial, or even about school and they will be answered! The fact we were able to sustain THREE new apostles is pretty awesome!

My favorite talk had to be from the Women's broadcast. Presidents Uchtdorfs talk on A Summer with Great Aunt Rose and Eva. Great Aunt Rose lead and taught by example and by love. She had a hard time doing everyday things that we take advantage of and she did not complain once. She loved everyone she would met and never made them earn her love and respect. She had so many Christ like Attributes and did just as Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ would want her to do. I think that is the best way to teach someone, it is through love and action that we are able to make the biggest impact. Eva was able to learn the greatest lesson ever in the short time she was able to live with her Great Aunt Rose. She learned to love all that she met and to see them as our Savior does. If we were able to see everyone as our savior does think about how amazing this world would be.

I love being in a three pack! It is a little more difficult trying to teach and get all of us participating butand at the same time keep the spirit. I love the challenge and love the work! So what more could I ask for?

The weather is getting colder and so soon I will be wearing all of my winter gear!! How exciting! :/ I live in a beautiful place and couldn't ask for anything better! 

Heavenly Father sure does love and watch over us! I have seen miracle after miracle just in the short time I have been out! We have had members step in and help with investigators outside of the church setting, and truly try and become friends with them. We actually went out to do our weekly planning this week and decided to do it at Buzz In and get dinner with it. We ran into a member from the Lundeen Park ward and we sat and talked to him for a bit. After talking he left and then about 20 minutes later we were leaving.  We were getting ready to pay when the waitress said the man who we had been talking to paid for our dinner, bought us a dessert and then she handed us a $20 gift card to come back and eat again. This was maybe something small and simple to him but it meant a lot to us. He like Great Aunt Rose showed love through helping others even when they don't need it. 

I am so grateful to be out serving and be able watch Heavenly Father work in so many different ways! I love you all and hope that you have an amazing week! Watch General Conference if you haven't because it was amazing!!!

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