Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Week 8: :)

I guess I am doing something right to be an STL (Sister Training Leader) and a Trainer. We picked our new companion up on Tuesday and are now in a three pack. So the Lake Stevens Ward now has three Sisters! Lucky them! Our new companion is Sister Moody and she is from Kaysville, Utah. She came out to the Mission so ready! Heavenly Father knew what he was doing when he put her with me and Sister Mahoni. I felt really bad because she came out sick, and we still had appointments we had to go to that night. She had an awesome attitude and did amazing! 

 There is a member in our ward who lived in Austria during WW2 and is a little crazy. So when she called and asked us to come over and see her we were a little worried. We hadn't met her, we just heard some interesting stories. None of that mattered so we went over and were visiting with her. We were given some advice, 1. Don't try and give her advice. 2. Just listen and 3. She doesn't like anything to do with Germany so don't bring it up. We did good with the first two but Sister Moody and Mahoni brought up some Germany stuff at the end. Things just got uncomfortable and we were asked to leave. We were all worried and didn't know what to do with that. Thirty minutes later we got a call from one of our members and she told us about how she loved talking to us and having us over. She is going to call us this following week to come back over! So I am interested to see what happens!

 Heavenly Father is working MIRACLES!!! So yesterday Sunday was the Come See For Yourself (CSFY) fireside. This is a fireside for investigators and members to meet each other. There are musical numbers and  Bible videos are played. Resent converts tell their story about how they joined the church. It is pretty amazing! We were able to get three investigators there!!! Say what!!!! It made me so happy. First there is Joseph and Jeffrey they are brothers. I love them so much, Joseph reminds me of Meatball. They are so cute and they want to know about Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. We have been meeting with them and their grandma because she has custody over them. When we were teaching them this week they were so interested, had so much fun, and learned so much. They loved the priesthood and kept saying, "WE NEED MORE PRIESTHOOD!!" It made me laugh so much. The other investigator we had at CSFY is Jamie. She is a single parent and has two boys who are 3 and 1. They are so cute and we have so much fun with them, it is so hard to get a hold of her because she is working two jobs and going to school. She is so amazing because she knows that it is important to have religion in her life and so she is doing all she needs to in order to juggle all of it.  So all together (At CSFY) we had four boys sitting with us ages ranging from 1-12. It was so crazy and hard to pay attention, but they all had such an amazing time and I couldn't have wanted anything different. They even asked when the next one was going to be so that they could go again.

 On top of this difficult, amazing week we had the General Women's Broadcast! It was so amazing and answered so many of my questions! If you haven't listened or watched it I would highly recommend it, President Uchtdof's talk was amazing! It only made me more excited for General Conference! 
I love you all and hope that you have an amazing week! 

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