Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Week 12: Baptized!

Elle on her first ferry boat..just like Grey's Anatomy

This weekend has been the most spiritually uplifting weekend!! We were able to have both of our baptisms on Saturday and then the conformations on Sunday! Morgan, Avery, and Jaydah are so beautiful and had such amazing experiences! That whole day was so crazy! I had no idea how much work was put into a baptism until this last week, and on top of that we were on exchanges every day until the baptism! I was making phone calls left and right inviting people, setting up the program, and finding members to bring something to eat after the baptism. Thank You Mom and Dad for making it look so easy! I had no idea but it was so rewarding and was such an amazing day! Both of their families are super supportive and have invited me to live with them after my mission. I told them I am only at the beginning and have a while to go (Even though it is going so fast). They told me that it is okay I can just stay in Lake Stevens the rest of my mission and live with them.

Elle, Jayda, Sister Mahoni, Sister Moody
Sister Mahoni,Morgan, Avery, Elle, Sister Moody

Heavenly Father really has blessed me with amazing people and my mission could not have started any better! Our members have been amazing and are so good at supporting the new members and Investigators. It really all starts with the bishop, and our bishop is so amazing! He reminds me a lot of Dad and Jeff...his name is Jeff LaPerle fitting hugh?! Even though we had such an amazing weekend Heavenly Father only let it get better and better! At church Jaydah's family stayed the entire time and in Relief Society. Her mom was participating like she had been there every Sunday. I love Heather Hernandez so stink'n much! After we were talking to her and she said, " OH YA, we are all going to be baptized...we just need to learn a little more. " We didn't bring anything like that up. It was so amazing and then later that night we went and saw them to set up an appointment so that we can start to teach them. She also brought up that they are going to be getting sealed together!! Holy Cow! How is she not baptized already? She has been through a lot the last couple of years and she know that God needs her in Washington. She said everything makes sence and so it would only make sence to get baptized and join the church! After Sister Mahoni told me that if they get baptized before my six month mark and go to the temple a year later I will still be on my mission and I will get to go! I don't want to get to excited to fast because Satan works really hard on people that are so close, but I know that if Heavenly Father is ready for this to happen it will.

The end of the transfer is coming up and Sister Mahoni will be leaving me this Sunday and will be going home to Hawaii. She has been so amazing and I could not have asked for a better Trainer/Companion. She has taught me so much and I know that Heavenly Father put us together for a reason.  She has helped me forget myself, love everyone that I see, and become a P.L.O.W.S. Missionary. P- Preach My Gospel, L- Love Everyone, O- Obedience, W- Work Hard Work Worthily, S- Strive for Excellence. She has started my mission in the best ways possible and I will continue to work hard because that is the only way that Heavenly Father is going to continue to place people in your path. I will miss her greatly but I know that my next companion which I will get next Tuesday will be just as amazing and be ready to continue to work hard. I have loved my mission so much and am so grateful for the opportunity that I have to serve my Father in Heaven and be able to bring others to know of our Savior Jesus Christ. 

I love you all and hope that you have such an amazing week. 

P.S. I hope Bradyn's 16th was everything he could have ever wished!

My Ponderizing Scripture:  Mosiah 3:19 (Click Here)

Morgan and Avery

Sister Mahoni, Jaydais in the pink. Lillyhas her eyes closed and Jasel

First time on a ferry.

Exchanges with Sister Rodda

Exchanges with Sister West

Is a caption really needed?

Morgan, Avery, and their parents.

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