Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Week 10: Hello from Washington!

Elle at Lake Stevens

Sister Krummenacher , Sister Mahoni, Sister Moody, Sister Jackson
This week has been so crazy I don't even remember half of the things that have happened.  Actually I can remember everything but we have been so busy it is amazing! This week Heavenly Father has blessed us so much! He knows exactly what we need and he gives it to us at the appropriate time. There is a Sister that is a member of our ward, Sister Daniels from Austria. I think I told you about her last week. So if I did sorry because here it goes again. Sister Daniels come to find out has Schizophrenia, which we didn't know, until this last Sunday. We saw her on Tuesday and we have to be very careful not to counsel and give advice or really talk at all. You can't shake her hand, open the door for her, or really so any type of manners. You just sit there and listen. So that is what we do. Now we got to meet her in the park, normally we go to her house. So we get to the park walking on egg shells we say Hi and when she turned around she had the biggest smile on her face! She was so excited to see us and talk to us. We got to walk around the park and she told us about her week and how not talking to people is the best.  She proceeded to tell us that it was her birthday! We were so sad we didn't know before we got there because we would have loved to have done something for her. We were just happy that she was having such a good day and that she had a smile on her face. At the very end she got up and told us that she was leaving now and if we could drop something off to one of the members in the ward. Then she said tell Sister Schrivens not to call me.  Then she walked off. We are a little intimidated by her and so right after we went straight to drop the stuff off to Sister Schrivens.

We were not able to find her house. It must have moved because it was nowhere to be found. The house numbers went from 2230 to 2231 then 2235, there were just a couple houses missing. But low and behold we weren't able to find her house.  We found one of our referrals that we have been looking for for a month now! When thinking all was lost and that we weren't going to find this referral and that finding Sister Schrivens house was a fail.  HEAVENLY FATHER SHOWED US WHERE THE REFERRAL WAS!!! It is crazy to think that with patience and time he will show you what you need to know when the time is right. BTW were still haven't found Sister Schrivens house.
Elle, Sister Mahoni, Sister Moody, Morgan and Avery. 

It only got better! We were going to have to drop one of our investigators and then ended up putting Hannah on date! (Well she has to ask her parents first but it is going to happen!) Then right after her lesson we went and were teaching a new family and we were able to put their oldest daughter Jaydah on date!! After we put her on date she turned to her family and said to them, "So I am going to be baptized so are all of you. So you better listen to these Sisters because you all will be baptized." She came to church on Sunday got right up to the front of the congregation and bore her testimony! She is going to be a GREAT missionary one day! Heavenly Father really has blessed us with people who are ready to receive this Gospel. The field really is white and ready to harvest. Not brown ready to water but WHITE! This week has been amazing and we have seen so many miracles not only in our area but in the other areas that we got to go and help in!

Thank you for the packages and the letters!! I love you all and hope that you have an amazing week!!

Weekly Planning Meeting.

On Exchanges.

Elle's new boots.

Elle and Sister Moody.

The Three Pack out playing Frisbee Golf.

Frisbee Golf.

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