Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Week 4: WOWZA

The elusive baby goat!
So this week started off with me chasing a goat.....for thirty minutes.....Why was I chasing a goat? Well I was on exchanges and we went to visit one of the Lundeen Park Sisters potentials. Walking up the driveway on the left was a mamma goat and a baby goat in their cage. If you didn't know I speak goat naturally, and so I thought if I am going to share the Gospel with people I might as well share the message with the goats. So when we were walking up the driveway I was talking to them. As soon as I couldn't see them anymore I quit talking. The mamma goat started to go crazy so we turned around and the baby was out walking around (I am sure that he was so moved by the spirit that he jumped out with joy). This led to us playing tag for thirty minutes. We got really smart and put the baby back in the cage, but the baby goat was smarter. He waited until we walked away and he got out again and that is when it got a little harder.

Elle and Kristey, owner of the pet rock.
After that I thought that was how my whole week was going to go. But I was completely wrong and have learned so many things. There is such an amazing family in our ward, they are the Bissell's. This family is so amazing! She is a single mother with three daughters. When we first met her we didn't know that she had only been a member of the church since March of this year. She is always helping us and giving us so many people to teach. Her daughters are so nice! Kristey let me hold her pet rock. I was so honored that she was going to let me hold her pet rock! But about half way though holding the rock she reminded me that he likes to be pet. Which was great! But then she wanted me to clean it with hand sanitizer. I told her that she could bathe the rock later. Another minute went by and she quit talking, looked my square in the eye and said, "He doesn't want to be pet anymore." I was trying so hard not to laugh because of how serious she was.

Because of Sister Bissell we were able to meet Sister Willhouse. She is so amazing! If anyone has been dealt a bad hand of cards she has, but she knows that with hard work she will be able to come out of any bad situation. But this time it is a lot more then she can handle. She has been inactive for almost her entire life. She knew that we could help her so we are. She is now letting her daughter take the lessons and be able to learn more. The lord has tender mercies for everyone.

 We then had the opportunity to hand wash a homeless mans clothes. We were weekly planning at Taco Bell and started to talk to this kid named Ryan. He is homeless and loves God, church, and everything to do with it. So we invited him to come to church with us and to start to taking the lessons. He said that would be awesome and so to make a long story longer we told him that we would wash his clothes for him and get them back before church. So the next day we met him to get his clothes. The power was out all day on Saturday. So when we went to throw his clothes in the washer we couldn't. So we washed all of his clothes by hand.  It was so nasty but we knew it was the right thing to do and that he was going to come to church. Well he never showed up to church, I was so heart broken.

We started to teach an 8 year old named Diggy. His family is less active and so we found it as a perfect opportunity to be able to teach them all. And WE ARE! They came to church and had a good experience. I know that this is just the beginning for them. I can't wait to be able to keep teaching them and see the miracles that will come for this family. 

I had a lot of prayer answered this Sunday and questions that have been on my mind. Prayers with Faith will move mountains and I know that as we trust, everything will work out and we will be able to have peace. 

I love you all thank you so much for the letters and packages! 

We received this letter and pictures from the mission home yesterday and wanted to share them with everyone.

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