Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 60: Deception Pass and it was Beautiful!

This last week has been super busy! It is so nice to finally be teaching consistently all of the time....well most of the time! :) Last Monday we went to Deception Pass and it was beautiful! We walked along the bridge and then we took a little hike down to the "beach" next to the water. I am so grateful to be able to not only live but to serve at such a beautiful place in the Country. While we were there we found a baby crab and we took him on a walk with us down the beach!! The Nemo needed to go back home. The reason that we named him Nemo was because he was missing one of his big claws. We still loved him anyways! 

This last week I studied a talk called, "Opposition in all things" By Elder Oaks. It was so good! 
At the end of the talk he says, "God rarely infringes on the agency of any of His children by intervening against some for the relief of others. But he does ease the burdens of our afflictions and strengthen us to bear them, as He did for Almas People in the lad of Helam. He does not prevent all disasters, but He does answer our prayers to turn them aside, . . . Through all mortal opposition, We have God's  assurance that He will "consecrate [our] afflictions for [our] fain". We have also been taught to understand our mortal experiences and His commandments in the context of His great plan of salvation, which tells us the purpose of life and gives us the assurance of a Savior, . . ."

I loved this part of the whole talk because I have learned that Heavenly Father LOVES me so much and doesn't want me to ever be sad. But because He loves me so much He will never take away my agency. This has been a new concept that I have been gaining a better understanding of and as much as agency may bother me I am ever so grateful for it.

Wednesday after District Meeting the Zone Leaders came and asked me if I would go on an exchange with our Sister Training Leaders. I told them I would but that might be a little hard because I am no longer a Sister Training Leader. They said the Sisters had been having a hard time and they didn't know what to do. While they were on exchanges with the Assistants they came up with the idea that my companions and I needed to go on an exchange with them. So I called our STL's and asked if we could do an exchange. The Elders didn't want us to tell them and so I was making sure that I didn't lie to them but gave them truthful answers to the questions that they gave. So we exchanged Wednesday night and did the full exchange on Thursday. Lucky for me this might sound really bad but after we had got off the phone with the STL's my companions had a break down because the two of them have been feeling homesick. This was perfect!! We now had a good reason to tell them why we called for an exchange! I think that all in all it went so well because everyone was able to get the help that they needed, and I was able to report back to the ZL that it was a successful exchange! 

So on Thursday during the exchange I got to go and give service at a "Zoo". It was the nastiest place of my life! This guy owns like 30 wolfs, a porcupine, an owl, cougars, bobcats, snakes, pigs, and so many more. We went and helped feed them and clean their cages. I love my pets but I have learned that I am not the biggest fan of other people’s animals. Especially when I am walking toward a full grown wolf to pick something up and he is staring at me....but I made it out alive!  

Friday night I had a awesome surprise. I had dinner with Nicks Sixth Grade teacher!! She was so cute and it was fun to talk about him with someone who knows him pretty well. Let’s just say it was a tender mercy from Heavenly Father to remind me how lucky I am and how amazing of a family I have! 

Saturday we had early curfew because of a shooting. They caught the guys so no need to worry. But lucky for us we were still able to go to the General Women Session. I would highly recommend that everyone listen to it. Whether you are a boy or girl, pink or yellow, tall or short you MUST listen to it. We are so lucky to be able to have inspired leaders of the Church. The spirit testified to me again that we have a prophet on the earth today and that "Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets". I am so grateful to be spiritually fed, I didn't realize how much I needed it until I was there listening to the words of our leaders. I think the coolest thing is that everyone we asked about what they thought the theme was they all said something different. The spirit is amazing and is going to teach us what our Heavenly Father needs us to know at that moment "if we have an open heart and a contrite spirit". 

I love you all so much and am so grateful to be a missionary. There isn't anywhere I would rather be! Have a good week!!

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