Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Week 57: Oak Harbor!!!

Elle with her new companions in Oak Harbor.
 Sister Belliston, Elle, and Sister Perry.
Well everyone I was transferred to the Oak Harbor 1st Ward over on the Island of Oak Harbor (To learn more about Oah Harbor Click Here). I have been transferred North and it is so cold! I will have to get over that because it is not going to be getting warmer anytime soon, at least that I know of. I am serving with Sister Belliston and Sister Perry. Sister Bellison has been out 8 months and is from Highland, Utah. Sister Perry has been out 3 months and is from Taylorsville, Utah. Almost all of my companions have been from Utah, I guess that means no one is going to be able to stop these Utah Sisters. 

Elle in her new area of Oak Harbor.
Packing to go was the most stressful thing in the entire world, I personally think it is harder than talking to people. But I did it, I guess I am super grateful I have been in my areas for a long time, because that means I don't have to pack up all of my junk. I told Sister Leininger I wanted to go to Cafe Rio and to Old Navy before I get transferred anywhere. So we went on Monday for P-day and it was a lot of fun! It was really hard to find modest cute clothes, what is wrong with the world? I ask myself that same question all of the time. 

View of the harbor from Elle's apartment.
I knew I was going to be getting two companions I just didn't know where I was going. Brother and Sister Harris gave us a ride home (we have to have a memeber ride to transfers no matter what) and then took us out to eat, so that we could have some food before we went out and worked. The drive up was 2 hours from the mission office, a very long ride from where I had been serving. We went to dinner and a guy came up to me and asked if we were missionaries for the Mormon church? It was all I could do to not get too excited. I told him yes and he started to tell me about how he grew up in Salt Lake and that almost all of his friends were members. We talked for a second and then he went and sat back down. Before we left we went and gave him a pass along card with our number and the address to the church. That was really exciting. 

Elle's new apartment.
We are in a district full of Elders and so this is going to be fun. Hopefully we will all work hard, be obedient and effective in everything that we do. After district meeting we went and saw a member who has a lot of problems emotionally and physically and well by the end of the lesson I had offended her and she was not too happy. I guess she is easily offended so that wasn't anything new. However this was the last thing I was hoping to do in a new area.. Oh well I guess it just means I have a lot to work on which isn't anything new. Our Bishop, Bishop Hopper is a Supreme Court Judge and so he is busy off at work a lot of the week. He is so funny and so nice but I have a feeling he is very good at his job. Brother Carter is our WML (Ward Mission Leader) and he is awesome!! First WML to follow PMG (Preach My Gospel) by the book!!! Good things are going to be happening! 

Getting ready for bed.
We found a new investigator while we were giving service. Her name is Shirley and she is very kind.  If I remember right she is 73 and very kind. I am excited to see what is going to be happening in the next little bit. She is trying to move though and so we were helping her move boxes and pull weeds. She is Christian and knows her Bible very well. I am going to have to step up my game! 

Elle and Sister Leininger on an elevator for
the first time in over a year.
I am going to miss Lynnwood and Sister Leininger, but I am very excited for the adventures that Heavenly Father has in store for Sister Belliston, Sister Perry and me here in Oak Harbor. I love you all so much and hope you have an amazing week full of love and blessings!! 

Sister Belliston, Elle, and Sister Perry

Oak Harbor

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