Thursday, May 19, 2016

Week 41: I Am The Happiest I Have Ever Been!

What an amazing thing it is to be able to serve our Heavenly Father and be able to share my testimony with all those I see. I think I can honestly say I am the happiest I have ever been! What an amazing feeling this is! So this week was go go go and there was no time to rest. I found that when I stopped moving I would crash. So "no stopping of the moving!"(Sharee and Mom you better get that...shout out to Shaun T).

We instructed at Zone Meeting which was a lot of fun until we had to run over to Snohomish and instruct at theirs as well but it is okay. We got lunch after that! Then the very next day we had Interviews with President Bonham. I love talking with him one and one and being able to just....I don't know I love him and Sister Bonham so much and so it is nice to be able to talk to him, just me and him. It will be so sad to see them go but I am excited to be able to meet the Wildings and to be able to get to know them!  Anyways enough about that. 

On Friday we had an amazing day! It was quite a good reminder that everything works out and as long as you are doing everything in your power Heavenly Father is going to bless you and the others around you! So we were able to start the day by giving service to our Ward Mission Leaders wife. You'll never guess what we got to do....yep you guess it! My favorite thing, yard work! It was awesome! We then had to rush to a lesson after ward and it fell through. So we went home and finished weekly planning and got done what we could before we had to go back out and finish working. We went to try and find this Potential Dan that lived in T-5. The thing is thought T-5 hasn't been found by any missionaries and well, it just doesn't exist. Which is dumb because he sounded like a pretty solid guy. We decided we were going to go and try one more time. So we were driving around couldn't find it. We were driving by a lady who was doing her yard work. So we pulled over to ask her if she knew where T-5 was and she said it doesn't exist and everything. So we started to talk to her (teach when you find, find when you teach) and we had a good conversation. Then she asked who we were looking for and we told her Dan and she laughed. She went to her door and said Dan these nice girls are looking for you! It was so amazing! We were able to talk to them both set up a time to go back and she took a Book of Mormon and she said she was going to look through it before we came back! 

Later that evening we felt like we should go see Brother Coles wife who is amazing. We had to cancel an appointment we had with him that day because she ended up going to the ER. So we went to check on her and while talking to her at her door a guy walks by named Taylor. Thank goodness for three packs because I got to go and teach him the Restoration while my companions talked with Sister Coles! It was amazing! All of those easy role plays with the Restoration you do with the new missionaries that just came in....well it happened! Every question led into the next thing and before you know it he asked to meet again and we exchanged numbers and he was off! What an amazing contact! After all that and talking with Sister Coles we had to go home. We were planning for the next day and we got a text from Sister Coles thanking us for the cookies and that she loved us. Well I was about in tears because of how good of a day it had been. Needless to say when I woke up the next morning it was my turn to say the prayer and I fell asleep in the middle of the prayer. Sister Leininger woke me up, ”Sister J" then me, "Dang it!". I finished saying the prayer and lets just say after she woke me up it was an amazing prayer.

We then had the chance to go and give a day of service with the Hope Creek Church. It was a pretty fun, wet day! It is always nice to be able to give back to the community in any way that we can. Oh and on top of that a member gave us a drink that had green tea in it and we didn't even know that until three hours after we had finished drinking it. repentance is real! Hahaha hope you have an amazing week! 

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