Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Week 40: Happy Mothers Day!

Elle Says, "I got these nice flowers from a nice lady."

Well I hope that everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day! It was such a crazy good day that couldn't have gotten any better. 

So this past week was a little different. We had MLC (Mission Leader Counsel) on May 5th. Our Zone Leaders and the Sister Training Leaders brought chips, salsa and guacamole and it was really good!  We had to celebrate one way or another. I might think differently later in my life but I actually like meetings and think that they are fun. Probably because it is different change of pace, but I really don't know why.

This is Rhonda and she is so cool!
She is the one who pulled my hair.
Saturday we were on Exchanges with Sisters Deaver and Packer. I met the two of them when I was in Lake Stevens and so it is super cool that we are all in the Zone together again and that Sister Leininger and I get to be the STL's. Exchanges were cool, I got called self-righteous and my hair pulled, however I did get flowers from this cute lady. The whole morning started off amazing! I got to go running for the first time on my mission and needless to say I haven't been running in over 9 months. Because of this my 7 minute mile has turned into an 11-12 minute mile. I was super sad, but that is okay because I LOVED it so much! We then went back cleaned up and had our studies (Oh wait I ran 2 miles and kept the same pace and didn't stop once!!). Okay studies and then we got a call from our District Leader that they needed some more help moving this lady. Well Sister Jackson didn't listen to the promptings of the spirit while I was packing my bags and so I didn't have any pants or anything. The Sister that I was with is like 5 foot 3 inch and so her pants don't fit me and her companion doesn't own any!! So we had to go to Walmart so I could buy some pants. Moral of the story is to listen to the spirit the first time. Then I wouldn't have to spend money. Also this isn't the first time I have done this. You would think that I would learn. We went and helped their Investigator move and she wants to serve a mission so we got to talk to her a bit about that.
Then she went and bought us Pink Roses! So stinkin' nice! Had to run to a lesson in where this Investigator only does deep doctrine. She doesn't understand the basics so I don't understand any of it. Anyways we talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I talked about repentance and she stopped us at the end and said that something sounded self-righteous, and so I thought, "Oh baptism and proper priesthood authority...."  Well nope it was repentance when I was talking about the importance of repentance and I sounded self-righteous. Then we went and saw Rhonda, she is the coolest hippie...hipster....something that I have ever met! I loved getting to know her. She loved my hair and so she pulled it and tried to put it on her head, oh my sweet flower child! Then about 4:30 we finally had time for lunch and then dinner was at 6:30.....crazy day!

I love you all and hope that you have an amazing week!

Best Shirts Ever!

Sister Leininger, Sister Pickup, and Elle

Exchanges with Sister Packer

They weren't home

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