Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 31: Puppy-Monkey-Baby!!!

Elle and Sister Barletta in their new mission car.
So this last week, Wednesday night, we were at a members having dinner and the Dad stared to say, "Puppy-Monkey-Baby, Puppy- Monkey-Baby." We were so confused and then told we wouldn't understand unless we saw the Super Bowl.  Well we didn't see the Super Bowl. Which is just fine but I think this was the weirdest thing in the entire world! I mean what the heck is a Puppy-Monkey-Baby? I don't have to worry about it! HA HA- It’s not missionary work. 

We had a good week this last week! It was super crazy with the play and having to be there every night that it was playing. But that is okay, it is so good!! I had no idea how much work was put into putting on a play! The stress and the drama are so funny!  Although watching all the stress and drama after a while starts to stress me out. So I sit in the back and sing along to the songs and dance. Let’s just say they probably wish I was their lead performer, NOT! But it was amazing! So much hard work has been put into it and I don't think it could get any better. What is cool is that a lot of members have brought there non-member friends. So at intermission, before the show, and after the show we are able to go and talk with EVERYONE! Which is one of the best parts about being a missionary.

We were able to find a couple more investigators this last week and they are both so funny!  One of them grew up a Jehovah Wittiness and is really interested in the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  One concern he has it why would his parents teach him something that wasn't right? I think this is a great concern, because no parent knowing what is right and what is wrong would purposely teach their child something incorrect. That's the thing though, they didn't teach him false information, they taught him what they knew. They were able to teach him part of the truth, everyone has truth but the only difference is no one has the full truth like we do. It is through the Prophet Joseph Smith with the Restoration of the Gospel we are able to have the fullness of the Gospel. All of it! We have the exact same church that Jesus Christ established! 

Then our other investigator Casey loves to learn about all different religions. We actually went to go see a potential given to us from the assistants, when we knocked on the door her husband answered and said the person didn't live there and that they weren't interested. Well a week or two later we went and knocked on the door. We couldn't remember if we knocked it and after we knock we remembered and his wife Casey answered and we started talking. After a couple of weeks of being friends she let us in and we have been able to talk to her about the church!  She loves it and agrees with all of it. She thought that we worshiped Joseph Smith and so that was the only hang up. Once we were able to resolve that concern she has been hunky dory with everything else! She loves the fact that we told her we were not the teachers but the spirit was, and that we wanted her to go and ask Heavenly Father if what we were saying was true. Just as directed in Moroni 10:3-5 (she loved those scriptures).

It has been an awesome week! I have felt so much better, so thank you so much for the prayers and everything! There must be opposition in all things! How else would you appreciate the good? It would be as though we were in the Garden of Eden still. But I love you all and hope you have a good week! Happy Birthday to Jeff, and Zack and then Riley and Becky this next week!  

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