Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 34: Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter!!!

Why is it that Easter Sunday is such an amazing day?! Well the answer is because we know that we will all be resurrected and live with our Heavenly Father and Family again! What a great knowledge that we have! Being able to share that knowledge is such a blessing and I love it so much! 

This last week was so awesome! One of our investigators, Sherri, has been able to make a new friend in the ward with Sister Holthem. I am so thankful for members, it helps when investigators can make friends so they feel welcome in the ward. Because we missionaries are terrible friends...we don't go to the Movies, or Bowling and we can't stay over very long. Oh and we are moving in and out more then you can believe. But that is okay because members make the best friends! Anyways, Sister Holthem invited her to the General Women's Broadcast and Sherri was super excited but she missed her ride and didn't make it. General Conference is this week so she will have another chance! 

We had a FHE with Patty and her family, Sister Woolley and her daughter came to, but leading to the actual FHE was crazy. I, Sister Jackson am not too creative when it comes to FHE's and so I did what any desperate person would do...we drove to our WML's house and knocked on the door. He answered, we asked for his wife. She was not home sadly and so we asked him if he could get on Pinterest and look up some FHE ideas! He was a good sport and did a wonderful job helping us to find a good FHE, we did the Popcorn Olympics! It ended up being a lot of fun and everyone was happy to eat popcorn after! We talked about how everyone is different and has different talents and that we should use and share them, just like every piece of popcorn is different and it would be boring if they were the same let alone perfect pieces. She might be getting baptized on June 4th! Fingers crossed! 

The General Women's Broadcast was amazing!! I do wish that it was two hours long though. I loved how focused the meeting was on service and serving the refugees! I am so thankful for the the chance that we have to listen to the General Authorities and how we are able to have a Prophet and Apostles today!! Honestly such a blessing! I can't wait for Conference this next weekend!

Yesterday I also spoke in Church on the Grace of Christ. I studied the talk given my Brad Wilcox,  'His Grace is Sufficient', it's an amazing talk. (Video Address of Brad Wilcox Talk, Click Here.) (Written Address of Brad Wilcox Talk, Click Here.)

I hope that you all had an awesome Easter! I am so happy for you Nick! You now have the Priesthood!! How cool is that! I love you and am so proud of you for being worthy and making the decision to get it! 

I love you all and hope that you have a week! I hope that Conference weekend is better then you can imagine! Don't forget go with a question or two! 

I love you all!  

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