Thursday, December 24, 2015

Week 20: Christmas

This was sent to us by Jennifer Morton. She says, "Sis. Jackson and sis. Thompson
(from Arlington) on splits today! Beautiful young ladies and awesome missionaries! 

(Because we will get to talk with Elle this week for Christmas, this weeks email was short. We are looking forward to seeing her beautiful face and hearing her voice. Christmas 2015 can not come quick enough.- Todd and Liana)

We are going to have a baptism this coming Saturday! Heather and Regelio are going to be getting baptized! I am super excited and love that I get to make this journey with them!
 I got a phone call this week from a man in Tennessee, his name is John. Apparently John is the one that introduced the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Michael and Laurie who are going to be getting baptized January 2nd! We had an amazing conversation about how you may not get to see the end result of some missionary work but "planting seeds" is just as important as anything else. A few months back John would invite Michael and Laurie over for Book of Mormon study. Nothing happened with it, until we were able to find them and start teaching them and yes there were challenges and Satan can be very deceiving. The Book of Mormon has such an amazing power that can not be changed or messed with. It is because of the Book for Mormon the two of them are going to be getting baptized, and want to be baptized. It is nothing Sister Foster or I had to say, but what the spirit taught them when they would read from the Book of Mormon. 

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