Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Week 17: Christmas!

Elle and The Book of Mormon

This last week I have been super grateful for my companion! Heavenly Father knew he couldn't give me anyone with gluten problems, because we wouldn't do to well together.  For example this last week was Thanksgiving and I couldn't eat the stuffing and a couple of other things. Most of the time when I would get something I couldn’t eat I would just put it on Sister Fosters plate! So she got to eat even more than I did. Heavenly Father really is blessing me! 

Our former Investigator Morgan who just got baptized is continuing to make amazing progress! We have been going over and teaching her the New Member lessons (Which are just all of the missionary lessons being taught all over again.  This time a member teaches these lessons.). Really Morgan has been all in! She is always asking questions, wanting to learn more and has been working on her parents. Her goal/dream is to get both of her parents coming to church and eventually her dad getting baptized. It is such a testimony builder to see this 13 year old girl and her little sister coming to church every week without their parents and staying so strong. I know Heavenly Father is softening their parent’s hearts and one day it is going to happen! I may not be around in Lake Stevens to see it, but that doesn't matter. All that matters to me is that they join the church someday. The only reason I know they will join the church one day is because of how much faith and love Morgan has. She is going to move mountains! 

Judy, Elle, and Sister Foster. Judy is a non-member who
Elle and Sister Foster visit and help.
We have started to teach the Hernandez family and they are super excited! They want to get sealed in the temple; well we can help you with that! So we are now teaching them the lessons and working towards baptism. It is so cool to talk to them and hear their story! Their dad (Mr. Hernandez) grew up Catholic and their mom (Mrs. Hernandez) has been baptized into (What seems like) every church that is available.  Super long story; Sister Hernandez grandma who she never knew was "Mormon" and so she wanted to learn more about the church.  This is when she learned about being sealed as a family for time and all eternity! This is what Brother and Sister Hernandez want! Heavenly Father really has been preparing them for a long time and the best part is they can see it! They look back at things that have happened in their life and they say, "It all makes sense! That is why it all happened. We were supposed to get here to Washington!” When they said this I just wanted to cry, because they are right. Everything happens for a reason and whether we are able to understand it at the time or not we will one day get to see the bigger picture.

It has blown my mind how much I have grown to love my ward and the people of Washington. I mean I hear things from people, sometimes good and sometimes bad.  I am either super excited by the news or I am saddened because of what someone has had to go through. Missionaries are truly blessed with the ability to be able to love everyone as our father in heaven does. To see others as he does no matter what they have done in their life or the decisions they are currently making. I am super grateful for this and that he would allow me to be able to recognize it! 

I love you all and hope that you had an amazing Thanksgiving! Happy (late) Birthday to Grandma Val! Have an amazing week! Don't forget to recognize the little blessings each week! 

Sister Foster and Elle on Thanksgiving Day.

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