Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Week 63: And on the 6th Day...There was even More Rain!

Elle sitting in the police car.
Well you are all probably wondering if I survived the rain storm, and I did! I probably wouldn't be writing you if I hadn’t but everyone and I mean everyone on the Island was freaking out about the rain storm that was suppose to be coming in. A rain storm did come in and it really wasn't that bad, it only lasted three days. The heavy rain only lasted three days because it has rained pretty much every day for the last little bit. I keep telling Sister Perry 'Welcome to WASHINGTON' I don't think she thinks that it is very funny anymore but I do! I think  the worst part was that the winds got pretty high but even then I din't think that it was that bad. So all is well here in Zion!

Sister Foster and Elle at Mission Conference

Transfers where this last week and Sister Perry and I were safe and able to stay here in Oak Harbor. Sister Belliston was transferred to the ArMar YSA ward in Marysville! and she is companions with Sister Foster!!! What the! How lucky is she, I miss that companion (Sister Foster) so much! But it has been good, we have been able to get to know the ward a lot better and to be able to create friendships with them! I love missionary work!

This last week we were walking and we met a man named Joey. He was super cool and we talked to him for a second before he had to run but he told us that we could come back. So we took advantage of that and went back talked to him at the front door. We shard the Restoration with him and he shared his testimony and he was surprised that we had more things in common that he thought we would have. There were some things he wasn't sure about and so he said why don't you go and do your homework and I will do my homework and we will meet here at my house tomorrow at the same time. We were like OKAY!! A couple of questions he had was he had never thought or heard that our Heavenly Father has a body of flesh and bone like we do and that Jesus Christ was a prophet. So we did our home work and we went back and come to find out he is a Bible basher. I do NOT believe in bashing but I do think it is important to show him our answers because he had asked us to do our homework. In the end he said we were just going to have to agree to disagree. I think he was getting a little frustrated but that is okay, it was a good reminder to me that not everyone is ready to learn about the gospel when we want them to be but it is all in the Lords timing. Good news is that he kept the Book of Mormon, he told us that he wasn't going to read it. One day he will he will pick it up and thumb through it and maybe something will spark his interest. I think that was for sure a successful day. 

MacKenzie our 10 year old investigator is on date for Nov.19!!! She is so excited and she is progressing so well. At the beginning of every lesson we ask her to remind us what we talked about the last time that we met and she is always able to tell us almost word for word what we had talked about. It is so cool to watch how the the Gospel really does help and change lives, even if you are just a 10 year old girl. 

Elle's zone at Mission Conference

One of our Less Actives Brittany who we have been working with is suppose to be in the YSA ward but wont go. We go and see her once a week and teach her and she is always there. But when the YSA Elders set up an appointment she always without fail stands them up. So one day we decided to surprise her and the Elders showed up to one of our appointments with her. We decided, the best thing to do was that. Sisters were going to have to go to the lessons she has with the Elders so that she stops canceling. So far it has been so good, it is really weird to have five missionaries in one lesson though (the Elders are in a three pack). 

Sister Foster, Sister Meininger, Elle, and Sister Herr. All
companions of Elle.
MLC was Yesterday and it was so much fun! Elder Dube is here and he came and talked to us. What was really cool is that a lot of the things that he talked about were things that I had been thinking about all this last week. Funny how the spirit works like is true! The mission conference starts tomorrow and so we are all going to be able to learn from him and figure out ways that we are going to be able to continue to improve our teaching and missionary work. Cool fact is that Sister Leininger is my STL companion!! What!! Heavenly Father has been to kind to me. I am still companions with Sister Perry but Sister Leininger and I will do STL things together. Exchanges and meeting and ect. I was so happy to find this out, I am so secluded here on the Island and so it is really nice to have something familiar. I was also able to see Sister Foster at MLC is STL companions with my MTC companion Sister Herr! I am so grateful for the friendships I have made out here in Washington. Some of them are going to last for a really long time and I am forever grateful for that!

I love you all so much and hope that you have an amazing week!  

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