Thursday, June 9, 2016

Week 44: Where is the Time Going?

Elle's District

Wow! Where is the time going! I feel like it was just Monday and I was just a typing away! Washington is so amazing! The weather has been very nice, it has been in the high 80's and I have just been sweating like there is no tomorrow. I guess that is a good think since it rained so much over the winter! We have been able to spend a lot of time out side just being in the sun! I had to go and buy some sunscreen, I will not get sunburn while I am on my mission! I feel as though that would be the worst thing in the entire world. Well I kind of did already but it didn't hurt at all. I just turned red and then pink. What is new! My YW Medallion was imprinted on my chest. That is dedication my friends, but it looks like I will be putting it away so that it doesn't happen again. It looks silly. 

This week we have done a lot of finding! On Tuesday we were able to find a new investigator and he is super cool! His name is Greg, he is Hispanic so we are going to be passing him off to the Spanish Sisters. This is okay though because he is super cool and he wants to learn and even go to the SLC Temple! When he told us that the very first day we met him we could have fallen over dead. So we met with him a couple of times this week and it has been so much fun. He decided to take it upon himself that he is going to teach me Spanish and in return I am going to help him with his English. So far he is doing better then me, I am working on not being competitive with it. It is so funny he is the 5th solid person we have found and taught the first lesson to and then had to pass off to other missionaries, same team right?! We are all one in purpose, I am really happy for all of those people because they are all going to be able to be taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

I think Saturday was the craziest of all of the days. We had to be to a service Project for the Ward at 9 am. We were helping clean up the Mill Creek Elementary and weeding the commons. It was a lot of fun, l  like you have heard me say multiple times I have found that I enjoy doing yard work. But what was cool is that we had a good turn out from the ward and then all of the non-members that showed up they sent to our station! We were able to talk to one family in-particular and they are a cute family from China and are wanting to learn more about the gospel and to come to church!! We were so happy when we heard this. We got their name, number, and address and are going to be sending the Elders over ASAP. I was just happy but it seems that every Asian person I meet is Buddhist, not the easiest people to talk about religion with. So I was relieved.

We were there for an hour and then ran over to the Coles to help them move. I have been super sad about this all week. I am happy they get to move on to bigger and better things in life and that Brother Coles will be getting the Priesthood, I just wish that they could be here with me still. But I love them and am excited for the adventure that they are going to be able to have. So we helped them for a couple of hours and then we said our good byes. But they said if we ever need anything they will drive all the way up from Puyallup, Washington to help us out! Which can't happen but it is the nice thought that counts.

Later that day we decided we were going to go Chalking. So we went to Martha Lake and drew with chalk while people were swimming and having BBQ's and just enjoying the hot weather. About five minutes into it a Park Ranger came and asked me if we were planning on cleaning it up? I looked at her and told her we weren't planning on it but if that is what we could do to help her out we would love to. I was able to have a good conversation with her. She is from Idaho and loves Mormons and said we could do it so that "we could talk and contact people" her words as long as we clean it up. So we chalked for a good 35 minutes. We wrote and scriptures; we drew the Plan of Salvation, wrote scriptures and I am a Child of God then a couple of things in Spanish. It was awesome, we got to talk to a lot of people. Since we had to clean it up we had to leave to go and get stuff and so we left it there for three hours and then went back with buckets and scrub brushes to clean it up. We had almost more people talk to us about cleaning it up then we did when we were drawing it! It was awesome! 

I am excited to say that I am going to be able to spend another transfer here in Lynnwood! I am so excited! It is an amazing area and I have a good companion! 
I love you all and hope that you have an amazing week! 

Oh also, we got to go to a cool fireside and Brother Ashcroft spoke, he is amazing! We talked to him after about Luke 15 and how it is the Lost Chapter....the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the "lost" son. I learned some really cool things. I want to learn more before I tell you all about them! So read it! What is important to know is who is talking and who is he talking to! Then you are going to receive some cool revelation! Don't forget to read your scriptures, say your prayers, and go to church! Love you all! 

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