Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Week 26: Lynnwood

Elle's new area is Lynnwood

We just heard from Elle and she has been transferred to Lynnwood, Washington. Click on the link to learn more about the area she will be serving in. Lynnwood, Washington (Click Here)

Elle's new companion, Sister Barletta
Well it is official I have been transferred to the Alderwood Ward in Lynnwood and I am now with Sister Barletta. It is super crazy to think that President was right. Missionaries make the worst friends. Because well we do, we can't go bowling, we can't go to the movies or just come over for the night to hang out, and we are constantly moving. We don't stay in one place to long so don't get attached...which is super impossible by the way. 

Lynnwood is a very nice area it reminds me of Orem with hints of Salt Lake here and there. If you can picture this, when I get home hit me up for a little game of guess what Sister Jackson is thinking. You might just win. But I am super excited to be able to experience something new and to be able to meet new people. As hard as it is these are the times that I grow as an individual and my relationship with Heavenly Father is strengthened. 
Lynnwood is super awesome and this last week I had the opportunity to go and meet a lot of members, less actives, and go tracking. So I am getting pretty acquainted with the people here and it is very nice. There are mainly apartment complexes which are super different and I am learning how to be a better missionary in so many different ways. We were able to find some new investigators this week which was super exciting! It was a little weird to go to a new ward on Sunday but that is going to get easier. The people are so easy to fall in love with. 

Sister Barletta is from upstate New York, she is 27 and a convert to the church. She is super awesome! You would all love her so much! She has been on her mission for 10 months and has been in Lynnwood for only a transfer before I got here. So she doesn't know really where anything is and so we are learning together. Just kidding she knows a lot more than me but we are learning together! We are both STL's (Sister Training Leaders) this transfer and are super excited to be able to serve some of the Sisters! We are serving the Sisters in Lake Stevens and so I will be able to go back!! I am a little excited for that!

We went to visit a New Move In and you will never guess who it was!!!! My investigator from Lake Stevens, Summer, it is her boyfriend!!! So guess who will be able to see her sometimes!!! ME! I am so excited I love her so much. I was sad I wasn't going to be able to teach her anymore, but now I get to see her at church sometimes and we are going over for dinner and well there has to be a third female and so she will be there!!

The weather here is rain, and more rain and more rain. So normal, but the sun came out twice this week for a couple hours!!!! Happy Day!!!!! 

I love you all and hope that you have an amazing snow filled week! HAHA

My favorite Bishop, Bishop LaPerle and his family.
His son is leaving on his mission this month.

Bye bye to the Bissell family

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