Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Week 24: Atonement of Jesus Christ

Teaching the Gospel in the rain

This week has been awesome! The weather was good and I was able to spend a lot more time in Lake Stevens this week. I was able to start the week off right by going on exchanges with Hermana Pirir and Bagley. They live in Mount Vernon and so we got to make another trip up there. The drive up I-5 is becoming a normal thing, but it is a lot of fun! This is Sister Pirir’s last transfer so it was fun to be able to do an exchange with her before she goes home. We spent the day in Lake Stevens and of course we were running around like crazy! Exchanges are a lot of fun. They are a lot of hard work, super crazy; but I get to know Sisters that I don't always get to serve with and we become such good friends just with in the 24 hours of being together

Sister Pirir and Elle

Sister Tennant and Elle

We (Sister Tennant and I are STL [Sister Training Leader] companions) had the opportunity to instruct three different times. We instructed at a couple of Zone Meetings and I was able to learn so much by preparing for them. One of the instructions was on the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I realized I don't know a lot, however with the Atonement of Jesus Christ right when I think I have learned everything there is to learn I find something else! It is so crazy and I am super grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ! My testimony has grown so much and is only growing more every day. I do know the Atonement is for everyone and we all can benefit from it if we allow ourselves too. That's the thing with the Gospel of Jesus Christ; it doesn't only allow certain people to benefit from it! All are welcomed and loved! I have seen and worked with people from broken homes, people who have thrown their lives away from dumb choices they have made, and those who are too stubborn to change little things in their lives. The Atonement of Jesus Christ softens the hearts of all those who are able to admit they need the help

Sister Pickup, Sister Thompson, Sister Tennent, and Elle
We were able to go to lunch with Sister Pickup and Thompson in Arlington after their Zone Meeting, after lunch we went back up to Mount Vernon for the last time! Hallelujah!!!

We get to teach so many amazing people! Michael who was just baptized has such a strong testimony! He has been teaching us every time that we go over! The Holy Ghost is an amazing and can teach us way more than anyone could.

Transfers are coming up and this means Sister Tennant is going to be going home :( (Frowny Face), then who knows what is going to happen! Everything is up in the air at this point. 

Sorry this email is so short! I hope you all have an amazing week! Love you!

Sister Jennifer Morton wrote, "Sister Foster and Sister Jackson
are so great! They helped me turn my daughter into Princess Leia for a birthday party!"

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