Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 2: My First Area: Lake Stevens

Elle with her first companion, Sister Mahoni.

Elle's first area is Lake Stevens, Washington

Happy Birthday to Age and Happy Anniversary to Grandma and Grandpa Jackson! I hope you all had a wonderful day! It has been the most amazing, crazy, I don't know what I am doing week. I was so happy that I was able to call you guys form the airport and talk to you what felt like not long enough. We were told leaving the MTC that on the plane and in the airport that it was going to be the first time that we were going to get to share our message. That scared me like crazy...I have no idea what I am doing but they told me I could do it so I set my mind to the task. But lucky for me I was able to sit by two missionaries on the plane haha I didn't have to step out of my comfort zone yet. The two missionary's that I sat by on the plane had never been on an airplane and they were so scared. I laughed and laughed the entire time. But once we got into Washington I knew that this is where I was supposed to be and that everything was going to work out. Stepping off of the plane I had insistently and a love for the people of Washington. I have never just wanted to hug everyone that I see.

Sister Mahoni
The first day was a long day, there were 25 of us that came to Washington and so it took forever before we got our companions. But eventually we finished and I was able to get my companion, her name is Sister Mahoni. She is also from Hawaii and is very amazing. Who knew that my best friend when I left would be 1/4 Hawaiian and then my fist two companions would be from Hawaii! It’s so funny how things work out. I live in the biggest apartment that is in my mission and so I would consider myself really lucky.

But we have been white washed into the area and so it has been so weird. We don't know where we are going and we ended up in Arlington one night and the next day were driving to some other place I can't remember the name. We have to start from the bottom and work our way up to the top. The previous missionary's didn't have a lot of lessons planed and so we have had to work our way around.  But I hate the feeling of not being able to help and so hopefully that will be going away this week.

We volunteer at the food bank every week which was such an amazing experience. It is held and the Ebenezer Lutheran Church and we were able to meet so many people that way. I am excited to get to go back and work with the Lutheran Church. We were able to get so much done and they don't care if we talk to people about the Gospel! We met with Sister DuPape and I guess I am related to her through Grandma Munn; it really is a small world. I am serving in the Lake Stevens ward and they have been amazing. They love missionary work and want to help out in every way that they can. We eat at a member house every night and it’s been nice because it is such a great way to get to know everyone. Our bishop is so awesome and is ready to get the work done which is just what we need.

 I have learned so much in so many ways, I know that if I wouldn't have come on my mission there are probably things that I wouldn't have the chance to learn. But I know that the lord has a plan and as long as I am willing to submit to him everything will work out how it is supposed to. I am excited to see what is in store for me and the lessons that I will get to learn.

 I am so excited for all of you with school starting, football games, being able to become better than the year before. I can't wait for pictures from the wedding! You are all going to look so amazing and what can I say we have a pretty good looking family! I love you all and loving hearing about how your week is going and what is happening. Have a good week and be excited to go back to school and be able to get to learn again! Hahaha

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